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Landscaping Setup and Maintenance Services

Once your new landscape install is finished, our work isn’t done unless you say so! Many of our clients keep our business cards on hand for when they need a bit of upkeep, and even more of them schedule regular ongoing maintenance services with us.

Our reliable and efficient services mean your yard will always be in tip top shape, no matter what the season. We’ll keep your hedges pruned, your beds free of weeds and all your plants healthy and happy. Norlings Lake Minnetonka Landscapes Inc. is experienced in all aspects of landscape maintenance.

Our yearly landscape maintenance program includes:

Spring Landscape Maintenance

We offer extensive landscaping services, starting in Spring as early as the weather permits. Early Spring is the perfect time to start a yearly, full service maintenance program with clean up and pre-emergent applications.

SUMMER Landscaping, Trimming and Maintenance

Maintaining your existing landscape will eliminate the need to replace shrubs, plants and flower beds. We recommend mid-summer shrub/hedge trimming, Arborvitae shearing, weed control application and perennial flower maintenance with cutting/debris removal and disposal.

Autumn Landscape Maintenance

We offer full Fall Maintenance with special focus in preserving your landscape through the upcoming winter. We recommend final shrub/perennial trimming, site/leaf cleaning, debris removal/disposal and winterization of tender shrubs/plants for freeze protection.

We guarantee you’ll love our unparalleled customer service, competitive prices and maintenance services designed around your schedule. Get in touch with us today to get a quote and time estimate for your next project!